Bring Bold Style into Your Dining Room Design

Source: Elle Decor

Have you always wanted a dining room with such unbelievable style that it takes your breath away? The key to creating a stunning look is to use a few bold dining room design ideas with more traditional decor. Here are a few ideas to use as inspiration: Hang three elegant glass chandeliers across the center of the room, above the dining room table. Make … [Read more...]

How can I Decorate Around a Four-Poster Bed?

Source: Elle Decor

Are you struggling to figure out how to decorate around four-poster beds? These beautiful beds add a luxurious touch to any room, and they're not as hard to integrate with your space as you might assume. Here are a few decorating tips to keep in mind: Use wallpaper with a small pattern, either in the entire room, or on the accent wall behind the bed. … [Read more...]

Beautiful Design Ideas for Your Home Fitness Room

Source: Home & Design

If your fitness room looks beautiful and inspiring, you'll probably be more likely to use it often. Use these fitness room design ideas to create a stunning space where you'll enjoy sweating it out: Choose peaceful, relaxing colors such as blue, purple and white. This will help you feel at ease as you exercise. Add a touch of greenery to the space … [Read more...]