Create a Classic California Atmosphere in Your Kitchen

Source: Elle Decor

Designing a California themed kitchen lets you enjoy the bright and energetic vibe of the West Coast without picking up and moving across the country. Start by choosing the right colors for your design. Shades of white and gray are common in California designs; use them on your cupboards, backsplash and counter. A natural wood floor adds darker contrast … [Read more...]

Explore the Classic Furniture Collection from Lillian August

Bella King Bed by Lillian August
Source: Lillian August

If you value simple yet luxurious designs, explore the Lillian August classic collection to find pieces that coordinate with your home's character. From counter stools to beds, Lillian August furniture is perfect for your entire home. In the bedroom, add class and comfort with one of Lillian August's four-poster beds, or with a classic plush bed such as … [Read more...]

Elegant Ways to Display Collections in Your Home

Source: Elle Decor

Displaying collections in your home allows you to regularly appreciate the beauty of the items you've amassed. However, it's important to display them in a way that looks elegant, rather than cluttered. One way to display your collection elegantly is by turning it into wall art. Create a gallery of framed movie posters or vintage maps, or create a … [Read more...]