Choose the Living Room Design that Fits Your Style

Source: House Beautiful

When choosing living room design styles, it's important to keep your personal tastes in mind. Which one of these styles do you prefer? Quirky: Eclectic, quirky styles are common among world travelers and artistic people. Everything does not have to coordinate or match - that's the beauty of this style. Textured Neutral: Those who love calm, peaceful … [Read more...]

Begin Designing a Romantic Bedroom this Year


Although Valentine's Day has passed, you can easily keep the romance alive in your home decor. Designing a romantic bedroom is a great way to start. A canopy bed looks luxurious. Whether you choose plain white drapes of something more sophisticated, this design makes the bed the focal point of the room. Color can always evoke feelings of romance and … [Read more...]

View the Exciting Home Color Trends for 2015

Source: House Beautiful

With each new year comes new color trends. If you're thinking of redecorating or are building a new home, keep these home color trends for 2015 in mind as you design your space and shop for decor: Greek Blue: A bright and brilliant blue somewhere between royal and cobalt, Greek blue adds life to a room and pairs well with white, bright yellow, and … [Read more...]